Thursday, April 19, 2018

#MovieNEWS Deadpool 2: The Final Trailer

What's with all these so-called "final trailers" lately!? 

Loved all the random silly meta-jokes! Thanos!!! That jab at the DC Universe! Is Deadpool getting more Marvel-y now that Marvel bought Fox? Shatterstar is finally on the big screen! Domino does look sweet actually (love the actress!!). Cable is pretty kickass!!

And then there's Peter!!! "You're in!" LOVE IT!!

#MovieNEWS Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Final Trailer [HD]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is coming June 22, here's a supposedly "final trailer" for the film!

Looks good! In a Lost World-kind of way! And I always love me some dinosaur movies (there's hardly any of those anymore nowadays...). I'm not a big fan how much this new trailer shows of the film and the fact it might probably have the exact same final act as The Lost World!

#AwesomeCosplayPicOfTheDay Matt Fraction's Hawkguy

This is probably one of the best cosplays I've ever seen!! Check this out:

That's some serious dedication, it's only missing a "pizza dog"!


#Randomz Most Aerobic Video + Key & Peele parody

So, this was a real thing?

Both hilariously uncomfortable and... what's the target audience here, really? I don't get it. At least, not the idea of watching the whole thing in one sitting, not just short clips.

Key & Peele's parody wasn't that far off:

At least it would explain those uncomfortable expressions!

#Randomz Mathnasium Transformations (US)

This is supposed to scare kids off mathematics.. right? Right??

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

#MusicBOX ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove

While we wait for the long awaited new ToeJam and Earl game (remake? reimagining? remaster? sequel? all of the above!), here's a fantastic bonus from the kickstarter campaign, a music video of the new theme song, featuring the new voice actors! And they're perfect for their characters, completely in-character!

Enjoy this funky tune!

And for good measure, here's the animated opening version:

#BestOf Johnny English (10/10) Movie CLIP - Does Your Mother Know? (2003) HD

While we wait for the new upcoming Johnny English film, this still remains my favorite scene from the original one:

This will always make my day!!

#MovieNEWS TAG Trailer #1 NEW (2018)

I'm not much for random modern comedy films, but this silly film around the idea of grown men (and women) playing an epic game of TAG every year seems... strangely pretty good and hilarious! At least, I love the fantastic cast of this film!!

Check this out:

What Hawkeye was really doing between Avengers films?...