Wednesday, August 23, 2017

#BestOf Ishtar - Rogers & Clarke - Little Darlin' (Ishtar)

Ishtar is the best movie ever made.

Just google it.

Or better, youtube it. On RedLetterMedia's channel.

Anyways, here's the "song sequence":

3, 2, 3, 4, 4, 2, 3 and.. *music of the trailer starts*

These men are pawns...

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

#blog - Remember #mightyno9 ?

So today I received a strange box in the mail.
I didn't remember having incoming orders right now..?
What’s this huge cardboard and this small box doing in there?
To the trash with you piece of garbage.
What’s this..?
“Having trouble installing MN9....”?
As in... Mighty No9????

Holy moley...
... It is! It is my physical copy of Mighty no 9!! I actually forgot I upgraded my tier for the physical copy! Specially since I’ve been playing it thanks to the steam release I got from the same tier.
They sure did take their sweet time, didn’t they? Add that to the collective internet outrage for this game.
Me personally? I’m fine with the game as it is. It’s not great, but I don’t find it that bad.
Specially with me winning one of their many contests and featuring one of my robot designs in the game! (totally not objective because of that)
I finally received the first thing I ever kickstarted on kickstarter! I know.. we all know. It was a bumpy ride...
But wait... what was that cardboard piece again?

It contains something inside..?
The NES-styled box and the manual!! What the... couldn’t they better indicate it!! I truly almost threw that out!!!
And I can put the manual in there! Because I wasn’t a weaboo and I chose the US/EUR-styled NES box to go along my actual NES games!
My only complaint is that it’s a real NES box. Meaning it has actual NES size and I can’t put the DVD-style PC case in there, collector edition-style.
And here’s the NES cardboard box, official kickstarter physical release and my own fanmade custom box I made once I got the steam key (as per usual):
Which one do you prefer?
With that many physical copies of Mighty no 9 in my library.. it’s like I’m a huge Mighty no 9 fanboy... Goddammit!!!
At least I can use the NES-styled box to store my boxless Mega Man 3 copy.

#HorrorNEWS LITTLE EVIL (2017) Official Trailer

Here's fun new quirky horror comedy:

LITTLE EVIL will be out on September 1, 2017.

Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly and the antichrist. Need to say more?

#BestOf 30 Rock - Midnight Train to Georgia (30 Rock Version)

I miss 30 Rock... It was such a fantastic show! (but not as much as wanting the awful rumored revival NBC's planning.. yikes!)

Here's a great cult scene from the show:

Man, Tracy Morgan was so tiny back then!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

#BestOf Ash vs. Evil Dead Season Two Supercut

With Season 3 coming up for this Halloween, time for another Ash vs. Evil Dead Supercut!


#GamingNEWS Jurassic World Evolution Announcement Trailer

Alright, finally a new Jurassic Park game to get hyped about! Those used to be my favorites way back when.

They just announced a brand new park simulation game, Jurassic World Evolution, which will basically be Operation Genesis 2. And for a good reason, they even got the developers behind the awesome Planet Coaster series! Check out the CGi trailer:

The game is expected for summer of 2018, right on time to tie-in with the next movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Jurassic World in Jurassic World Evolution will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

#KaijuNEWS Monster Planet TRAILER

So there's a new Japanese Godzilla film coming up. And it's an anime! Woo!

Check out this epic trailer to see a world where Kaijus roam free and basically destroyed the world, forcing mankind to leave for the stars:

Godzilla: Monster Planet hits theaters in Japan this year, and will debut in the west next year.

#GamingNEWS Assassin’s Creed Origins: Gamescom 2017 Cinematic Trailer

I admit, I'm pretty hyped for this one:

I guess I just love Ancient Egypt!

#MusicBOX Disney's HERCULES - "Go the Distance" (Piano Cover)

Another cartoon cover from ThePandaTooth: